Coloma Convent Girls' School

Coloma C.G.S.

A Voluntary Aided Catholic School for Girls aged 11-18

Information for Parents and Carers

Coloma warmly welcomes the involvement of all parents and carers in the life of the school and we are very grateful for the assistance they already provide either through membership of the Coloma Parents Association or directly, including membership of the Governing Body.

Coloma Parents and Carers Forum

As we seek to develop parental and carers involvement and communications further, we are now in the process of setting up a regular termly Parental & Carers Forum meeting. We really do value the views of parents and carers - not just when things go well, but also where Coloma might improve or enhance its provision, or do things differently. Having a more formalised forum will enable us to provide parents with regular structured opportunities to share their views and we hope, learn more about Coloma.


To provide opportunity for parents, carers and the school to foster a closer relationship thereby enabling:

  • Enhanced sharing of information about the school, providing parents and carers with opportunities to gain a greater understanding of how the school;
    • Measures and self evaluates pupils’ academic achievement and progress
    • Monitors, evaluates and seeks to consistently maintain and improve the quality of teaching
    • Demonstrates leadership and management through focus on maintaining an ambitious vision for the school, driving high expectations for learning and behaviour, self evaluating achievement against the vision - within a framework which is mindful of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its pupils
    • Manages the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school
    • Provides a wide range of exciting and fulfilling extra-curricular activities
  • Additional opportunities for the school to hear directly from parents as to their own;
    • Experiences
    • Views and ideas
    • Vision

Any opportunities identified for further enrichment of pupils experience at Coloma and/or potential enhancement of their learning opportunities and achievement will be evaluated by the Senior Leadership Team within the school and incorporated into the Schools ongoing improvement plans where appropriate.

Format of the Forum

The Forum meetings are planned to last for one hour thirty minutes. This time shall be divided to enable:

  • The school to update parents and carers on school achievements, vision for the future and appropriate current issues
  • Update and feedback on key issues raised in previous forums
  • Group sessions to discuss and share views on a specific topic
  • Open forum where parents and representatives from the Senior Leadership Team have the opportunity to chat informally on any issue.

NB: The Parents and Carers forum is not intended to be a place for the discussion of individual pupil's needs or issues. These should continue to be managed via the schools normal process of contact directly with the appropriate Teaching staff, Form Tutor or Head of Year.

Please look out for further details about the Forum on this page as plans develop.

Text Message Service

We continue to develop our contact capabilities with parents and are using our text message service for important notices to good effect. If you have any ideas as to how this could be used further then please do let us know.

Correspondence Home

In our Forms and Downloads section, you will find copies of all the recent correspondence which has been sent home in date order. So if you think you have not received an expected letter or have perhaps mislaid your copy you can download and print another. We hope you find this useful.

Your Views on Other Information

If you have any views as to other information you would like as a parent or carer to be able to access through the Coloma Website, we are interested to hear your views. Please do Email our Web Manager, Liz Smith at and let us know.

Uniform and Appearance

At Coloma we expect girls to take a pride in their appearance and believe that parents have a vital role to play in ensuring their daughter wears the correct school uniform, both in school and when travelling between home and school. Please note that all items of school uniform must be named and excepting Tights, Socks, Shoes & Gloves should only be purchased from our school outfitters:

Hewitts of Croydon
45-51 Church Street
020 8688 1839 / 020 8680 4555

Lower School Uniform

School Bag

Compulsory for all pupils in Years 7 - 11

  • Style No: POB 05 portfolio bag in navy blue or black or
  • Style No: BP 04 rucksack in navy blue or black either small or large
  • Purse belts are strongly recommended for keeping valuables on the person


  • The blazer must be worn to and from school every day
  • The jumper may be removed but not the blazer
  • In school, blazers may only be worn by pupils in Years 10 and 11


  • These may only be worn in addition to the blazer, when the weather is cold
  • Style No: SS60 for pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9
  • Years 10 and 11 may choose their own black or navy blue coat


  • Style no: 14, without slit, for Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Style no: 14 or No: 76, with slit, for Years 10 and 11
  • The skirt is to be worn at a length which at least reaches the crease at the back of the knee


  • Winter: blue, long sleeved, buttoned to the neck and worn tucked into the skirt
  • Summer: blue, short sleeved, open-neck, to be worn outside the skirt. This is compulsory for girls in Years 7 - 11 from the beginning of the Summer Term and for the first half of the Autumn Term (except for the New Year 7, who wear winter uniform from September.) No vests or undergarments are to be visible under the blouse.


  • The tie is to be tied in the conventional manner with a knot no larger than 3 cm (just over one inch) at the top and the wide part of the tie must meet the waist-band of the skirt.


  • This must be replaced when it becomes worn. Cuffs should not be frayed and there should be no evidence of holes at the elbows or wrists. Sleeves must meet the wrist.

Tights & Socks

  • White tights, knee-length socks or full ankle (not trainer) socks for Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Opaque black tights, 60 denier, or full ankle (not knee-length or trainer) socks for Years 10 and 11


  • Plain, sturdy black leather shoes with wide flat heels (not kitten-type). Flat, black boots may be worn to school in bad weather, but not in the building. Fabric shoes are not permitted.


  • Gloves (Optional)
    • Plain black or navy blue
  • Scarf (Optional)
    • Coloma School scarf. Please note that only one of the two school regulation scarves can be worn to school
  • Hats
    • Hats may not be worn

Any requests for second-hand uniform can be directed to Mrs Geoghegan, The Pastoral Manager, at the school via school reception.

Lower School Appearance

Girls must be neat and tidy at all times.


  • Hair that is long enough must be tied back at all times
  • Hair that would cover the eyes must be clipped back
  • Hair bands and scrunchies must be plain navy blue, black or white and of narrow width. No decorative hair bands, hair ties or ribbons are allowed
  • Only plain hair clips or hair bands may be worn
  • Hair must be worn in a simple style. Unconventional or elaborate styles are not allowed, nor are bleached, coloured streaks, dyed hair or hair extensions

Make-up and Nails

  • No make-up, fake tan or nail varnish may be worn to school
  • Nail extensions of any kind are not permitted
  • Spray deodorant, body sprays, or perfumes of any kind are not permitted


  • No jewellery is allowed, except a small cross and chain (worn inside the shirt), a watch with a plain black or navy strap and one pair of small gold (not silver) studs, worn in the ear lobes in a conventional manner
  • No bands or hair bands are to be worn around the wrist
  • No visible body piercing, including tongue studs, are allowed
  • No badges, except those indicating an official responsibility in school, should be worn

N.B. If your daughter is going to have her ear lobes pierced, please have this done at the beginning of the holidays so that studs can be removed in school, as necessary.

6th Form Dress and Appearance Code

In the Sixth Form we recognise the independence and growing maturity of our students as they progress to the world of work and adult life. Our Sixth Form students are role models for the Coloma community and young women who take pride in themselves and in their school. We expect high standards of commitment, conduct and appearance from all our Sixth Form students and we work rigorously to maintain these standards. Our aim is to reflect the expectations of a professional workplace. It is the responsibility of all students to comply with our dress code which is:

  • A suit with matching (i.e. identical) jacket and trousers or skirt in a dark colour e.g. navy, black, brown or grey. (Trousers should be full length, skirts must be knee length)
  • A shirt or blouse (with a collar) in a colour of the student’s own choice which covers shoulders and midriff
  • Comfortable shoes which are suitable for wearing with a suit and appropriate to a working environment

Please note that the following are not allowed:

  • Trainers
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Combat trousers, shorts, or jogging bottoms
  • Strappy tops or vests
  • Exposing bare midriff, cleavage or chest
  • Sportswear/leisurewear, including velour and cotton jersey
  • Extremes of style, for example mini skirts
  • Logos
  • Visible facial or body piercings ( except earrings ) or tattoos
  • Unnatural hair colourings or extreme hairstyles

The dress code applies to journeys to and from school, as well as at school and at school functions Please note that outdoor jackets, coats or hats are not allowed to be worn during the school day.

Pastoral Care

At Coloma we take our responsibility for the pastoral care of your daughter very seriously and have in place a range of procedures to ensure the wellbeing of each student. Pastoral care is primarily organised on a tutor group basis.

Lower School

On arrival in Year 7, girls are placed in one of five tutor groups, in which they will usually stay until the end of Year 11. Each group is entrusted to the care of a Form Tutor who, under the leadership of the Head of Year and Pastoral Team are responsible for the daily well-being, general discipline and academic progress of the pupil.

Attached to each tutor group in years 7 and 8 are Sixth Form Prefects who help the girls settle into the school, and assist with their day-to-day organisation.

In Year 7, most lessons are taught in these tutor groups. The Tutor is the first point of contact for parents who have any general queries or concerns. The second point of reference is the Head of Year. The Pastoral Team and the Headteacher are also available to discuss specific problems.

Two senior post holders as Assistant Headteachers, have responsibility for pastoral care and discipline. They are supported by a full time non-teaching Pastoral Manager.

6th Form

Pastoral care in the Sixth Form is shared between a team of 14 Sixth Form Tutors and two Heads of Year led by the Head and Assistant Head of Sixth Form. The tutor group meets daily and shares a prayerful thought for the day.

At Coloma we place a great emphasis on growth through self-motivation and personal responsibility.. A regular tutorial enables students and tutors to discuss issues of individual concern and to monitor progress.

All students attend, and contribute to, year group assemblies and whole school assemblies.


We are fully committed to helping girls to achieve their full potential and believe parents have an essential role to play in their daughter’s success.

  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their daughter arrives in good time at school and for any activities outside the normal school day
  • When a girl is absent from school parents should notify the school by telephone on the first day. On her return to school a girl must bring a written note of explanation, addressed to the Headteacher and hand it to her Form Tutor
  • The school will contact parents if they have not informed the school about their daughter’s absence. Prolonged periods of absence or cases of infectious illness require a doctor’s certificate
  • Routine medical, ophthalmic and dental treatment should normally be arranged outside school hours or in the holidays
  • Parents are actively discouraged from taking children on holiday in term time. Should this be necessary, parents must apply at least one month in advance, in writing to the Headteacher. Leave of absence will not automatically be granted; each case will be considered individually. Leave of absence cannot be granted retrospectively, and any such occurrences will be treated as unauthorised absence

Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is a 3 way contract between the parents, the pupil and the school in which all three commit themselves to values and behaviours that will enable your daughter to work towards achieving her potential spiritually, morally, socially and academically.

It is signed by all three parties before the pupil starts at Coloma and underpins all that we believe in and do at Coloma.

For your reference, a copy of the agreement is available in our Forms and Downloads section.

The School Day

The school day runs from 8.20am to 3.05pm. Girls are expected to be in school for 8:00am.

There are six 50-minute teaching sessions Monday to Friday, with a morning break of 20 minutes and a one-hour lunch break. Breakfast, lunch and snacks may be purchased at the cafeteria, or packed lunches may be brought.

Each day begins with a Collective Act of Worship, which may take place in the tutor groups, year groups or school assembly.

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6

08:20 - 08:40
08:40 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:20
10:20 - 10:40
10:40 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:20
12:20 - 13:20
13:20 - 14:10
14:10 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:05
(15.15 for Year 10)

School Calendars

The school has a number of calendars in operation which Parents may find useful to look up specific events and activities. They are:

  • Sports Calendar
  • Term Dates Calendar

You can access the calendars from our Forms and Downloads section. The calendars have been created as PDF files so that Parents and Pupils may print them directly.

Supporting Coloma

At Coloma we are very grateful for the immense support the school is given from a wide range of individuals and associations within the community. We are always mindful of the significant amount of time parents and old girls give to the school in so many ways and the tireless work of the Coloma Parents Association in raising funds to enable us to continue to expand the facilities we have available. We also value greatly the support and guidance given by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph and our own teaching staff who give tirelessly of their time to ensure students at Coloma have the maximum opportunity to develop and achieve.

Offers of Help

We are always receptive to any offer of help and if you feel you have a particular skill or time you might be able to provide we would welcome hearing from you. Please complete the Voluntary Help form in the Forms and Downloads section of this site, and e-mail it to

Voluntary Giving

You will also be aware that we have a voluntary giving scheme for parents - Pass the Baton - where we encourage monthly giving to the school to enable us to provide the vital “extras” which our statutory funding will not cover. You will find a link to the scheme in our Forma and Downloads section. If you’re not already a member of the scheme, please do consider joining.

Coloma Parents Association

We have a thriving Parents Association at Coloma who are always pleased to welcome new members and offers of help. Please visit the CPA page on our website for more information.