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Welcome to the Psychology Department

Psychology is a fascinating discipline, which fuses elements of science with the humanities, such as philosophy and literature. Students undertaking a study of Psychology are usually driven by a curiosity to understand what drives human behaviour and how the mind works.

Psychology is divided into many schools of thought, including cognitive aspects (thought processes) to evolutionary perspectives (inherited genetic dispositions). This makes for a rich landscape of views and students must be able to employ critical thinking to engage with the many dimensions and explanations that research offers.

Psychology uses the scientific method, so students will learn research methods specific to the subject. This not only equips students with the skills necessary to interpret data and findings of published studies, but prepares students who wish to pursue Experimental Psychology as a degree subject. As with any science, this involves an element of mathematics.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage Five

AS & A2 Psychology - AQA Codes: 7181 & 7182 - Specifications

Course Content - What will I study?

Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour, the factors that make us similar, as well as those that set us apart. The scientific method will be studied, whereby psychologists design, carry out and then report on psychological investigations. Many topic areas will be covered, making this subject stimulating, challenging and enlightening.

AS Level
  • Unit 1: Cognitive Psychology (Memory), Developmental Psychology (Attachment) and Research Methods.
  • Unit 2: Biological Psychology (Stress), Social Psychology (Conformity and Obedience) and Individual Differences (Abnormality).
A2 Level
  • Unit 3: Topics in Psychology Three essay-style questions from eight topics. Current topics being studied: Gender, Relationships and Eating Behaviour.
  • Unit 4: Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research Methods.

Choice of topics for Sections A and B. Current topics chosen:

  • Section A: Schizophrenia.
  • Section B: Media.
  • Section C: Research Methods.

How will my progress be tested and examined?

Examination based. Structured questions and essays.

Progression - How will the study of Government & Politics benefit students’ future education and career?

Psychology is offered at most universities (including Oxbridge and Russell Group), and since it is so popular, new courses are being offered all the time. For example, Psychology is now offered as a joint honours degree with many other topics (from the more traditional Psychology & Biology, to Psychology & English Literature or Psychology & Criminology).

Employers are keen to hire students with a Psychology qualification because of the understanding of human behaviour that it cultivates, as well as clarity of thought and writing skills.