Coloma Convent Girls' School

Coloma C.G.S.

A Voluntary Aided Catholic School for Girls aged 11-18

Welcome to the Mathematics Department

We wish to teach girls appropriate Mathematics through an interesting and varied approach so that girls are not only able to reach their full potential at each Key Stage but enjoy and have confidence in using and applying Mathematics.

General Aims and Objectives

Girls are expected to bring their own basic mathematical instruments to every lesson. These include a pencil, ruler, compasses, protractor and calculator. Girls will be more successful if they are familiar with their own calculator.

The Mathematics Department organises Mathematics Challenge events for certain groups in all years 7 to 13 which enrich the mathematical experience of those involved. If successful they may receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate. There is also a Team event for the older girls

Curriculum Content

Key Stage Five

AS & A2 Mathematics - EDEXCEL Codes: 8371 & 9371 - Specifications

Course Content - What will I study?

While studying Mathematics, you will be expected to:

  • Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems.
  • Solve quite complicated problems by using mathematical arguments and logic.You will also have to understand and demonstrate what is meant by proof in mathematics simplify real life situations so that you can use mathematics to show what is happening and what might happen in different circumstances.
  • Use the mathematics that you learn to solve problems that are given to you in a real life context.
  • Use calculator technology and other resources (such as formulae booklets or statistical tables) effectively and appropriately; understand when not to use such technology and its limitations.

How will my progress be tested and examined?

  • These courses are externally examined.
  • There are 4 units of Pure Mathematics and 2 of Applied Mathematics.The Applied Units are usually Statistics or Mechanics.
  • The AS comprises 3 units examined at the end of Year 12.
  • The full A Level comprises 6 units in total , 3 of which will be examined at the end of Year 13.

AS & A2 Further Maths - EDEXCEL Codes: 8372 & 9372 - Specifications

Course Content - What will I study?

While studying Further Mathematics, you will be expected to apply the same principles as the AS/A2 Level Mathematics, to a much higher standard.

How will my progress be tested and examined?

  • This course is externally examined.
  • The full Further A2 comprises of 6 units in total. It is studied alongside the AS/A2 Mathematics.
  • In Further Maths there are 3 Further Pure Units and 3 applied units. 4 of which are examined in Year 12, usually Further Pure 1, Mechanics 1, Mechanics 2 and Decision Maths 1. Further Pure 2 and Further Pure 3 are examined at the end of Year 13.

Progression - How will the study of Mathematics benefit students’ future education and career?

GCSE Mathematics at Grade C or above is a requirement of:

  • All University courses.
  • All Sixth From courses.
  • Employers.

GCSE Mathematics at grade A or above is needed to study AS/A Level Mathematics and grade A* is required if you wish to study A Level Further Mathematics.

Skilled Mathematicians are highly sought after in the jobs market especially in the Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors.