Coloma Convent Girls' School

Coloma C.G.S.

A Voluntary Aided Catholic School for Girls aged 11-18

Welcome to the Geography Department

The department is made up of three teachers and geography is mainly taught in two classrooms dedicated to the subject. Geography is a contemporary subject and is taught to all students from years 7 to 9. It has become a popular option at both GCSE and A level and students develop a variety of skills through the study of both Human and Physical geography.

GSCE students visit Brighton for one day to collect data for their Controlled Assessment and Year 12 go on a residential fieldtrip to the Isle of Wight as part of their A level studies. Students are encouraged to keep up to date with Current Events either via television, the internet or by reading a quality newspaper. In Year 13 students may do fieldwork to collect primary data for GEO 4b examination.

General Aims and Objectives

Curriculum Content

Key Stage Five

AS Level Geography - AQA Code: 7036 - Specifications
A2 Level Geography - AQA Code: 7037 - Specifications

Course Content - What will I study?

Students will study four units, two at AS level and two at A2 level.

  • Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography - Rivers, flood and management, coastal environments, population change and health issues.
  • Unit 2: Applied Geography - Geographical skills based on fieldwork.
  • Unit 3 Contemporary Geographical Issues - Plate tectonics, world cities and contemporary conflicts and challenges.
  • Unit 4b: Geographical Issue Evaluation.

How will my progress be tested and examined?

  • Unit 1: 2 hour written examination - 70% AS, 35% A2
  • Unit 2: 1 hour written examination - 30% AS, 15% A2
  • Unit 3: 2.5 hour written examination - 30% A2
  • Unit 4b: 1.5 hour written examination - 20% A2

Progression - How will the study of Geography benefit students’ future education and career?

  • A knowledge of Geography with its links to other subjects, will be of benefit in any future studies.
  • As the Subject covers current issues, it is continually being referred to in documentaries and news reports; it is very relevant in today’s society.
  • Geography provides a good background to a wide range of careers including environmental work, planning, landscape architecture, travel and tourism and many many more.
  • Many career areas make use of the skills that Geography develops. These include management, accountancy, marketing, ICT, information work, transport and distribution.