Coloma Convent Girls' School

Coloma C.G.S.

A Voluntary Aided Catholic School for Girls aged 11-18

Welcome to the Physical Education Department

At Coloma we greatly value the participation of our pupils in a broad range of sporting activities under the expert guidance and care of our PE department staff. The School makes excellent use of its sporting facilities including 2 gyms, all weather floodlit sports pitch, 4 netball courts, a fitness suite, 4 tennis courts and a grass pitch in which field and track events are catered for.

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to promote a positive attitude to exercise and aim to encourage our pupils and students to build a lifetime habit of healthy activity. We promote the understanding that exercise is vital in relation to the well-being of the individual and is a key part of a balanced, complete and effective education.

Aims & Objectives

At Coloma we aim through our sporting programme to:

In addition to the physical aspects and benefits of exercise through sport we also aim through our sporting programme to:

Curriculum Content

Key Stage Three

Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 & 8 the girls currently receive 3 x 50 minute lessons of PE per week within curriculum time. A variety of different sports and activities are provided depending on the academic term.

Winter Term

Netball, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Dance, Football

Summer Term

Athletics, Rounders, Tennis

Year 9

In Year 9 the girls also receive 3 x 50 minute lessons of PE per week within curriculum time. A variety of different sports and activities are provided depending on the academic term.

Winter Term

Netball, Lacrosse, Football, Orienteering, Volleyball, Badminton, Sports Acro, Trampolining, Handball, Basketball, Fitness Summer Term Athletics, Rounders, Tennis

Summer Term

Athletics, Rounders, Tennis

Key Stage Four

In Year 10 and 11 the emphasis is very much on participation and preparation for future involvement in physical activities after leaving school. At Key Stage 4 the girls receive one PE lesson per week. We introduce the girls to the concept of overall fitness and healthy well being by leading them through activities such as Aerobics, Nike Fitness, Yoga, Legs, Bums and Tums toning exercises, Circuit Training. The girl’s will also have the opportunity to continue with some of the activities from Year 9 such as Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball and Netball. We gauge our activity choices to these year groups by discussing with each individual teaching group what ‘they’ would like to get out of their PE lessons and from here we design a rota of activities to try to incorporate all of the pupils choices. Our expectations do not change, in that we do expect all of the pupils @ KS4 to participate in PE lessons to the best of their ability, pushing their fitness levels and improving their overall health and well being.

GCSE Physical Education Year 10 - AQA Code: 8582 - Specifications
GCSE Physical Education Year 11 - AQA Code: 4890 - Specifications

Course Content - What Will I Study

  • The Active Participant: Know and understand that you need to take responsibility for your own physical growth and development as part of a personal healthy active lifestyle.
  • Learn how to make informed choices about getting involved in healthy physical activities, and develop knowledge and understanding of the roles that the active participant can adopt.
  • Know what makes an effective performance in different roles i.e. as a player/performer/coach/official.
  • Be an active participant in different activities: e.g. games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, fitness and health and others.
  • Understand the demands of performance.

How will my progress be tested and examined?

  • Written Examination - 1.5 hours - 40% of GCSE Qualification.
  • The Active Participant - Controlled Assessment - 60% of GCSE Qualification.

You will take four practical assessments from at least 2 groups/ways of thinking. At least two of these performances must be as a player/performer.

You will also be assessed on your ability to analyse personal/peer performance, identify strengths and weakness and recommend strategies to improve weaknesses.

You are expected to continue to develop your practical areas throughout the course. Regular practical assessments are given as well as regular written assessments. If you choose to take part in a practical activity not offered at Coloma you must provide DVD evidence of your performance over the duration of the course in order to be assessed in that activity. Participation in extracurricular clubs is essential.

Progression - How will the study of PE and Participation benefit students’ future education and career?

  • GCSE in PE equips you to be more fully aware of fitness, healthy lifestyle and encourages active participation in sports of different kinds, which in turn brings lifelong benefits.
  • It allows progression to A Level PE and other third level courses.
  • Students can apply to study for specialist degrees at university including Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences. These specialist areas offer a wide range of career opportunities in industry, the NHS and in schools such as physiotherapy and teaching.