Supplementary Information Form


Please refer to the admissions policy when filling in this form. False information, or the omission of relevant information, may result in disqualification, or even the loss of a place after it has been offered, accepted or taken up.

Information requested on this form is only used if the school is over-subscribed and there is need to apply the over-subscription criteria in order to rank the applications according to the degree of commitment to Catholic religious practice. That ranking will determine the order in which offers of places are made. The school has been consistently over-subscribed in recent years.

For all applications for places in year 7, please ensure that you also complete the Application Form as required by your local Authority.

Please note that there is no facility for saving the form part-way. We advise that you read through the form carefully before filling in any information.

Applicants should note that this process includes a file upload procedure. Please make sure that the files that you need to upload are available on the device you are using to complete this form.

Personal Information

Candidate's (Child's) Details

How long has the family lived at this address:

Applicant's Details

Is the candidate a practising member of the Roman Catholic Church or another Church that is in full communion with the See of Rome?

Yes No

Information about Sacraments

Candidate's Sacrament of Baptism

As this was later than 6 months after birth, please give a detailed explaination in the box below. Please also upload document(s) supporting the explanation.

Candidate's Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Mass Attendance

Please indicate which most closely describes the practice followed:



How long has this been your usual practice (including practice in previous parishes) in years:

As this is less than 4 years, please indicate previous Mass attendance:

Details of Sibling(s) Attending Coloma at the Beginning of the Next School Year

Sibling 1

Sibling 2

Sibling 3


Please upload scanned copies or legible photographs of the priest reference form, all relevant Sacrament certifications and documents. Please do not upload school reports or certificates of achievement.

Please upload evidence of membership of faith community.


I confirm that the information given on this Supplementary Information Form is correct and that I have not omitted any relevant information.

Please type your name below to indicate your signature

When you have submitted this form you will be given the opportunity to download a pdf copy of your Supplementary Information Form. This is confirmation that the form has been submitted. You should keep a copy for your own records.