Sixth Form Application For 2020 Entry

In order for your application to Coloma Sixth Form to be considered, please complete the form below. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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Applicants should note that the on-line application process includes a file upload procedure. This procedure is incompatible with some mobile computing devices. Applicants are therefore advised to use a PC or Mac desktop/laptop computer when submitting their on-line application forms, and not tablets or mobile telephones.

Personal Information

Previous Education

Please indicate which GCSE examinations you intend to take in Summer 2020

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Coloma Sixth Form

We offer three different study pathways. Each has a different GCSE entry criteria. Please ensure you have checked them in the prospectus and understand their thresholds.

Please select a pathway you wish to follow.

3 A-Level Pathway
4 A-Level Pathway
Mixed Pathway (Usually 2 A-Levels and a BTEC)

Below is a list of Level 3 courses that Coloma is offering to students in Year 12 from September 2020. These are A Level courses unless otherwise indicated.

Please select the courses you wish to study on your chosen pathway below.

Please list any other subjects from the list above, that you may be interested in studying.

Please list any other subject/course you are interested in that is not listed above, if applicable.


Please give the deatils of a teacher/tutor whom we can contact.

Personal Statement

Upload a Personal Statement - You will need to outline your reasons for applying to Coloma Sixth Form and for your choice of courses. Please read the notes on the Admissions page before writing your statement. Please upload your Personal Statement as a Word document or PDF file.


I have downloaded and completed the Personal Statement form and uploaded it above. I have read the Admissions Policy and Procedures details. I am aware of the GCSE qualifications I need to satisfy the entry requirements for the programmes of study on offer.

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